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Consent is everything

Got a moment? Ask yourself this question – If someone turned down your cup of tea would you pour it down their throat? If the answer is no, then why should sex be any different?

Sex without consent is rape

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Rape happens to people of all genders and sexualities. About 92 percent of victims are female and eight percent male. Most rapes occur between people who know each other in some way.
Make sure you get consent.

What is Consent?

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Sexual consent is where a person has the ability and freedom to agree to sexual activity.
  • Make sure the other person is participating freely and readily.
  • You can confirm if you have consent both verbally and by checking the other person’s body language.
  • Someone on drugs or too drunk to make decisions doesn’t have the mental capacity to give consent.
  • If someone is on drugs or seems too drunk to consent, or you’re not sure, stop. Wait until they are sober and ask them again.
  • Somebody who is asleep or unconscious cannot give consent.
  • Other things can also affect a person’s capacity to consent. Examples include a serious mental health problem, learning disability or a head injury. Having capacity means the person can make and communicate a decision, understanding the consequences and knowing they have a choice.
  • If they cannot do this they cannot give consent.
  • Your partner has the right to withdraw their consent at any time. Once consent is withdrawn you must stop engaging in sexual activity immediately.
Together we can stop rape by ensuring everyone knows when they have sexual consent – and when they do not.