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Anti-social behaviour

Everybody likes to have a laugh and a joke from time to time. But have you or your friends ever taken a joke too far?

When you think of anti-social behaviour, many people think of teenagers in hoodies, ‘tagging’ walls in their own unique graffiti style, drinking cider in parks or on street corners, intimidating people who walk past them on the street pestering them to buy alcohol or nuisance kids who have wreaked havoc on a particular neighbourhood or targeted specific people.

In reality, anti-social behaviour can include a variety of things, some you possibly didn’t realise.

Even the humble house party can be an act of anti-social behaviour as loud music can be a nuisance to your neighbours, people standing outside your house screaming and shouting could also be deemed as anti-social behaviour.

Everybody wants to have fun, but we all need to think of the effect we have on other people around us. If you think you would be unhappy listening/seeing what you are doing then you are probably upsetting those around you. Anti-social behavior makes life unpleasant, and creates a climate of fear for the community. Often more serious crime can occur as a result of anti-social behaviour.

You may think that it’s one big joke when a police officer comes and interrupts your house party, or catches you misbehaving in the street.

But having a Civil Injunction slapped on you is no medal of honour and can impact on your future.

Do you realise the impact it could have on your future?

Did you know?

Anti-social behaviour includes:

  • Rowdy, noisy behaviour
  • Night time noise from houses or gardens, especially between 11pm and 7am
  • Threatening, drunken or yobbish behaviour
  • Vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • Dealing or buying drugs on the street
  • Litter and fly-tipping
  • Drinking in the street
  • Setting fireworks off late at night
  • Abandoning cars in the street
  • Throwing eggs or throwing things at cars, buildings, people and animals.

What are the potential consequences for me if I commit an act of anti-social behaviour?

If you commit an act of anti-social behaviour you could end up getting a Civil Injunction, a Criminal Behaviour Order or an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC).

What is a Civil Injunction?

A civil injunction is a court order which prohibits a person from:

  • Visiting certain areas
  • Spending time with a particular person or group of people
  • Threatening, intimidating or disruptive actions

What is a Criminal Behaviour Order?

Criminal Behaviour Orders can be issued by any criminal court against a person who has been convicted of an offence and are designed to tackle individuals who continually engage in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. They are designed to encourage local communities to become actively involved in reporting crime and anti-social behaviour, helping to build and protect the community. The difference between a Criminal Behaviour Order and a Civil Injunction is that a Criminal Behaviour Order is made on the back of criminal conviction.

A Criminal Behaviour Order bans an individual from:

  • Committing any anti-social or criminal acts
  • Associating with certain friends/ acquaintances
  • Entering certain areas in the community
  • Entering certain buildings, shopping areas etc.
  • Leaving home after a certain time in the evening – curfew.

If a person breaches a Criminal Behaviour Order they have committed a criminal offence.

What is an ABC?

An ABC is a written agreement between a person and the police which lists the acts the person agrees to stop doing. These are not legally binding but can be used as evidence in court.

Having either an Civil Injunction or an ABC given to you has a negative impact on your life. You won’t be able to go to some places that you’d like or hang around with your mates. If you don’t follow the conditions set by the Civil Injunction or ABC then you could get arrested and be put before the courts.

Young people often get enough flack as it is. Don’t be branded with an Civil Injunction, it could ruin your reputation and if you breach it you face a hefty fine or a prison sentence. You could potentially ruin your entire future.